API Guide / Introduction / User Setup
User Setup

Before started using API, you must have a user account. There are 2 types of account users which can use API as listed below. 

  1. Login User: A regular account user for Witly.co login. The data access privilege is similar to the access to use standard applications. The access to the modules and the records based on the user role and permission.
  2. API User: A built-in account user who can access to all the data. This type of user cannot log in to Witly.co, and there can be only one API user in your Witly account.

Follow the steps below to create Login User.

  1. Go to Setting > User Management.
  2. Click Create Login User.
  3. Enter the information, such as username, role and email address.

Once you have created the new login user, the system will send an email to inform your username and temporary password. After your first login, you are required to change the password. And now you are ready to use API.

Last modified on Apr 19, 2018