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Witly provides you the intuitive drag-and-drop tool to create web and responsive mobile applications in just minutes. You can create fields to store specific information and design its layout based on user’s role.


Custom Field

Each business has its unique needs. You can create the specific fields to store particular information like income and other important information. Learn more →

Custom Layout

Control what information you want users to see based on their role. By using drag-and-drop capabilities, you can change the layout, hide unused fields and create the new component. Learn more →

Data Relationship

Enable you to create relationship to link one module with its associated modules to show related data when the users view the records. Learn more →


Provide powerful business analytics and reporting tools which enable your teams to monitor personalized Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and access the latest reports as part of their everyday activities.


Allow you to set conditions to display the specific items that match the criteria. You can choose the right views for your content like kanban, grid view, gallery and card, and save them for easy access any time. Learn more →


Use the report wizard to get a real-time data in every aspect of your business, such as the sales status, the opening cases, and so on. Learn more →


Display the key data points with the customizable real-time analytics. Learn more →


We value your privacy and strive to keep your information secure by taking extra precaution.


Role-base Access Controls

Allow information to be shared or restricted based on user role and hierarchy. You can control information access at either a module, view or field level. Learn more →

Audit Trails

Track all activities, system access, data changes and nearly everything that occurs with your data.

Password Policies

Allow you to set the password policy such as, expiration date, password reset and the limit of failed login attempts.

Internet Security Compliance

Witly’s infrastructure is hosted and managed in the Amazon data center and Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology to assure the highest level of security and compliance.


Allow you to have greater control over standardized internal procedures and business processes with the configuration workflow, chatbot and the auto approval process.

Process & Approval

Set up the rules to automate the actions and the approval process for the records based on your business practice. Learn more →


Interact with your customer or employee by text-based conversational interfaces, powered by AI/Machine Learning.


You can set up the rules to create message notification for users and customers based on your business process. Learn more →


Support your advanced business process with easy scripting language. A little knowledge in programming is required. Learn more →

Email Approval

Respond to the approval requests by email with configuration message like Yes, No or Y/N.


Witly integrates with the apps and web services you use every day to completely synchronize and collaborate with your work.

3rd party app integrations


Provide a flexible way to integrate with Witly and the external systems, such as CRM and ERP. Learn more →

Email & SMS

Integrate with Email and SMS API to send message to your target. Learn more →

Integrated across platforms

Witly has pre-built integration with the third-party platforms, such as Slack and Google Drive.Learn more →


Witly offers various features to optimize and accelerate your business for a more productive and efficient.

Deployment Options

Get the cloud edition up and running in minutes – no hardware required, or select on-promises for a deployment at your site to advance the customization and the integration capabilities.

Activity Management

Allow you to manage the event and the task and display them in various calendar views i.e., daily, weekly, monthly and team calendar.

Document Management

Manage key documents and keep them in one place such as, the local storage or Google Drive to avoid the duplicated files when the users store them separately across the departments. Learn more →

Document Designer

Drag and drop fields to create documents using various data like names, phone, email, etc. Users can print the form or export it in excel/word/pdf format. Learn more →

Multi Language

Provide multiple language support for users to choose for the profile according to their preference. Learn more →

Work across Multple Devices

Witly works across multiple devices (i.e., phone, tablet and desktop) and allows you to manage your business on the go.


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