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Workflow Notification

Workflow Notification lets you define the message to notify users; e.g., what to notify, who to be notified and how to notify. When a record meets all criteria of the workflow conditions, that condition’s actions will be executed; In-App notification, SMS message or email notification will also be sent by referencing messaging templates.

For example, sending an email to sales manager when sales rep closes a large deal.

There are three channels that you can notify users; In-App, Email and SMS.

Witly lets you notify to many types of users as described below.

Notified User



The owner of the record.

Owner’s Manager

The manager of the record owner (see more details in “Field Report To” in user profile).

For example, if Sales Representative user who reports to Sales Manager has requested for an approval, the notification will be sent to Sales Manager when the criteria are met and the record is executed. 

Owner’s Team

Users who are in the same level in the owner’s organization.

Owner’s Role

Users who are in the same role as the owner.

Working User

Users who work on the record.

Workflow Requester

Users who request the workflow.

Workflow Approver 

Users who in charge of the next approval process of the record.

Specific User

You can notify specific users up to 5 users.

You can also specify users by using formulas, e.g., ${Object.SalesName}.

Specific Role

You can send the notification to users with specific roles up to 2 roles.

Last modified on Jan 23, 2018