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Relationship is the association between the modules. You can create relationship to link one module with associated modules to show related data when they view the records. For example, you can link the Customer module to the Contact module to track the contact information associated with the customer.

There are two types of Relationships which are categorized by how the records are linked.

  1. Bind relationship represents one-to-one relationship between the records e.g., one contact can only have one account. This type of relationship will be used when create Lookup Field.
  2. Parent-Child relationship represents one-to-many relationship between the records e.g., one Quote      can have many Items. Only Main Module and its Sub Module can use the parent-child relationship to link the records.

You can pull the data from those linked modules when generate the reports. Additional reports will be available when modules are linked.

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Bind Relationship
Parent-Child Relationship
Last modified on Sep 21, 2018