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Manage Field Layout

Field Layout lets you manage the screen display based on the user roles. There are three Field Layout types as listed below.

Edit Layout

Layout for creating and editing the records.

Detail Layout

Layout for viewing detail of the records.

Quick View

Similar to the Detail Field Layout but in a pop-up window display.

The purpose of having different Field Layouts based on user’s role is to allow you to manage the data access for users. For example, sales price can only be seen by Sales Representative only.

Important: User roles must first be defined before entering this step.

On the Module Detail screen, you can customize field layout by following the steps below. 

  1. Select Field Layout tab

  1. Select Role. 

  1. Select layout type; details view, edit view, or quick view. After selecting role and layout type, the layout setting panel will appear as shown 

  1. Layout Name: Enter the Field Layout name. 
  2. Layout Type: If your module has multiple layouts and does not have Screenflow assigned to control the layout display, setting the first page as a default page is required. 
  3. Field Layout Item
  • Label: Set custom text value.
  • Section: Separate the content into sections. You can place label, field and relation under Section.
  • Tab: Separate the content into tab. You can place section under tab.

 7. Section Name: The Section name is New Section by default. You can change it by clicking on the pencil icon after name.

 8. Add Fields click and drag the fields from the field list into the section.

 9. To add fields from the Field List: Click and drag the fields from the field list into the section.

 10. If there are associated modules, they will be listed under “Relationship”. You can display their data by selecting the desired modules and drop in the add section.

 11. To change the layout of the associated module, cick Edit Column.

 12. You will be directed to the Create Relation Column screen. 

 13. Select the desired fields listed on the left and add to the right section. 

 14. You can sort view result in ascending or descending order.

The following shows an example of the Relationship layout.

Shown below is an example of the complete layout.

 15. Click Save.

Tips: After saving field layout, the Clone button will appear. You can clone the field layout to other role layouts. 

Last modified on Sep 21, 2018