Admin Manual / Public Form / Create New Form
Create New Form

Follow the steps below to create new form.

  1. Select module that you want to create form.
  2. Navigate to the Public Form tab.

 3. Navigate to the Create Form screen by clicking Create Public Form button.

 4. Enter following information

  1. Form Name: Enter your form name.
  2. Title: Enter your tile name.
  3. Cover Image: The best height of image is 280px.
  4. Description: Enter form description.
  5. Theme: Select form color.
  6. Next Page: Check if you want to separate form into multiple steps. Screenflow is required. If this option was not checked, Submit button will display. Otherwise Next button will display.
  7. Form Layout: Drag field that you want to show. Note: Relate To field cannot show in public form.

 5. Click Save to create a new form. After create new form, Witly will generated the external link to access this form. You can use this link to share or preview your form. 

Last modified on Sep 25, 2018