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Export Data

The data that exported from Witly Export Wizard will be in the comma-separated values (.csv) file format. The export process is similar to the import process which is done in Batch process.

  1. On Setting Homepage, click Export Data link under Data Management.
  2. You will be directed to Export Home page with this Column

a. Module Name: Module that use to export files

b. Status: The export file status.

  • Pending: The export process has not started.
  • In Progress: In the process of exporting.
  • Completed: Successfully exported. 
  • Failed: Unsuccessfully exported.

c. Download: Download the export file.

d. Submit By: The name of the user who exports file.

e. Submit Date: The request date to export file.

f. Action Date: The date when the system exports file.

g. Error Message: The message that shows the error during the export.

 3. Click Add New Export to navigate to Export Wizard.

 4. Select the following information.

a. Module: Select the module to export.

b. Relation: Select related module to export.

c. Condition: Set the conditions to export the data, otherwise the system will export the entire data if not 

    stated. From the screenshot below, we only export the customer data with its customer name contains ABC. 

 5. Click Save and wait to be processed 

When the export process is finished, you can click Download link to download the file. The export file will have all the fields you created with an additional field called External ID, which is the record ID (Unique Key Field) and it can be used to match the record when importing file. Once the export process is finished, ‘Workflow Export Completed’ will be triggered and you can set up the prompt notification in the system.

Last modified on Apr 10, 2018