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Plan and resource usage information

To show resource usage for your account, select Plan and resource usage information under Billing menu.

This is Plan and resource usage page

Resource Usage by Account

  • Edition: Current Plan
  • Total Users: The number of users
  • Total Modules: The number of modules
  • Total Records: The number of records 
  • Total Storage Used: The storage that has been used.
  • Total API Called: The number of API calling by day (This parameter is reset daily)

Resource Usage by User

  • Modules: The number of modules that created by users
  • Records: The number of records that created by users
  • Storage Used: Storage that used by users
  • API Called: The number of APO calling by users

Note: All number of resource usage will recalculate daily. In case that users use them exceed allowed amount which specify by selected Plan. Witly will automatically send email to notify to your account administrator.

Last modified on Aug 20, 2018