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HTTP Target

You can send the data from Witly to other systems via HTTP Target. The data will be sent with RESTFULL API and in JSON or XML format. To set up HTTP Target, follow the steps below. 

  1. Go to Setting > Integrations > HTTP Target.

 2. You will be directed to HTTP Integration page.

 3. Click Create HTTP Integration, and enter the following information.

3.1. Service Name: Enter service name.

3.2. Status Enable: Select Enable or Disable.

3.3. Method: Select the method to send the data.

3.3.1. GET: To send the data via the GET method.

3.3.2. PUT: To send the data via the PUT method in JSON/XML format.

3.3.3. POST: To send the data via the POST method in JSON/XML format.

3.3.4. DELETE: To send the data via the DELETE method in JSON/XML format.

3.4. Basic Authentication: Define the basic authentication process. If this option is selected, the username 

  and password will be required.

HTTP Target will be executed via Workflow. See more details in Workflow section.

Last modified on Apr 10, 2018