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Create Conditional Form

If you want to separate your form into multiple step, you can use multiple public form with screenflow condition to control how to display each steps depend on data that user selected. 

Follow the steps below to create new multiple step form.

  1. Create public form with Next Page option checked. For Example, if you want to create 3 steps form so this option must checked in the 1st and 2nd form and not check on the 3rd page. Witly will execute screenflow on the 1st and 2nd only. When user reach 3rd page, Witly will only save data.
  2. Navigate to Screenflow home screen, Select module then click Create Screenflow button
  3. Enter screenflow information as describe in section Screenflow. Select layout type as Public Form.
  4. Set condition to control how to navigate among each form.
Last modified on Sep 25, 2018