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Creating Form

  1. On Setting Homepage, click Module Management and select the desired module.
  2. You will be directed to Module Detail page. Click Form tab on this page.

 3. Click Create Form to create a new form.

 4. You will be directed to Form Wizard page which contains the following information.

4.1. Report Data: Contains fields, module relations and the reporting tools (e.g., line and label).

4.2. Design Page: Composed of 2 sections.

4.2.1. Design section: Consists of Page Header, Body and Page Footer where you can drag-and-drop 

Fields and Relations.

4.2.2. Preview: To preview the form you created.

4.3. Properties Page: Composed of 2 sections.

4.3.1. Form Properties: Form properties setting, e.g., paper size, orientation and margin. 

4.3.2. Field Properties: Field properties setting, e.g., font, color and border. 

 5. To test: Create the form by drag-and-drop fields into the design pane and click Preview to see a sample document.

 6. Click Save.

Last modified on Apr 10, 2018