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Module is a container of your information. To create Module, you need to define fields, workflow, action, and so on. For example, you can create a Customer module to manage your customer information. 

There are two types of module; Main and Sub module. The difference between these two modules are shown below.


Main Module

Sub Module

Access Level

Can set permissions.

Inherited from the parent module.


Can be related to the main and sub module using bind and parent-child   relationship.

Related to the main module with parent-child relationship only.


Shown in the Tabs.

Shown under record details only.


Owned by user.

Inherited from parent module.

The type of module can be considered depending on how it relates to one another. For example, the customer service application has two modules which is the “Case” main module for case information management and the “Case Assignment” sub module for user support information management. 

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Last modified on Sep 21, 2018