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Assume that Sales Representatives must get a discount request approval from Sales Manager when there is an opportunity with discount more than 30%.

Additionally, the approver must receive an email and in-app notification.

Module: Opportunity

Event: Create or Update

Condition: Discount more than 30%

Action: Submit for approval and send notifications 

Follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Workflow Homepage and select Opportunity module.
  2. Click Create Workflow.
  3. Name your workflow.
  4. Select Create or Update for Record Event.

  1. Set conditions: Total discount is greater than 30% and Stage does not equal Close Won/Contract Signed.

  1. To set notification, click on Notification Tab. You will have to create a message template first (see more details in Messaging section), then select the message and the users you want them notified when this workflow is executed.

  1. Click on Actions tab and click on create action 
  2. Select Approval for Action Type.
  3. Set Approve Condition.
  4. Workflow Approver – assign the approver.

 11. Click Save.

The below example shows how the approval process appears when users enter the total discount greater than 30%. After the users click save, the record will be promptly proceeded for the approval process.

Users will not able to edit a record which is already in the approval process. You can see approval information which includes; request submitted by, submitted date, and waiting for approval as shown in the figure below.

To create the complete approval process, you have to create more workflows to support other conditions. For example; you need to define what the system should execute if the case has been approved or sending out an email notification to the requester if the case is rejected.

You can add a note to the conversation between users during the approval process. When the note is added, the Approving event will be triggered.

Users may cancel the pending request by clicking Cancel. The workflow status will be changed to “Cancel” and the record will no longer be editable.

Last modified on Jun 18, 2018